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Clover Ridge Station is a wonderful housing community located in Albany, OR. Members include homeowners with addresses on: Creekside Dr NE, Oakmont Loop NE, Millstream Pl NE, Laurelhurst Dr NE, & Meadow Ct NE.

HOA Board Meetings

Next Meeting: TBD

All Meetings are now held virtually. Meeting details and times will be sent out prior to our next meeting.

Monument (Clover Ridge & Creekside)

Governing Documents

The Phase 5 Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (Section 11.1- Use Restrictions)

Please note that there is an Exhibit C that lists details regarding Section 11.

FCC Law regarding Satellite Dishes supersedes CC&R 11.21 – please give attention to the highlighted portions

Financial Penalties Resolution

FPR: Signed January 9, 2009

FPR: Signed June 4, 2015- this will be mailed out to homeowners ASAP and will be put into effect 30 days after

The Clover Ridge Station Home Owners Association is comprised of 67 homes located in the heart of Albany, Oregon (on Creekside Dr NE, Oakmont Loop NE, Millstream Pl NE, Laurelhurst Dr NE, and Meadow Ct NE). The HOA was created to implement the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) placed on properties within the subdivision. CC&R’s are required for subdivisions created under the authority of Oregon’s Planned Unit Development statutes to govern and guide property owner activities after purchasing one of the included lots. This is to maintain the livability of the area by eliminating nuisances and maintain aesthetic qualities of the area. CC&R’s exist as a contract between home owners and is presented to new home owners upon taking possession of their new home.

The CC&R’s control the construction of additions, external factors such as paint colors and landscaping, and limit nuisances created by unkempt yards, pets, and other household activities. Responsibility for enforcement of the CC&R’s is held jointly by the home owners through a Board of Directors either elected or appointed at the Annual Member meeting. The Board is comprised of at least 3 members from among the 67 home owners that live within the Clover Ridge Station Phase 5 boundaries.

Your Board of Directors are elected to serve 2 year terms of volunteer service and may be re-elected for an unlimited number of terms. Directors are not compensated for their volunteer time, and pay the same home assessment as the rest of the members. The Board notifies members of updates made to common areas, notifies members of CC&R violations, manages complaints as they are made and helps to resolve them. In rare instances where a home owner is uncooperative, the Board may undertake legal action to ensure compliance.

Why do you pay dues and what are they used for? Dues are used for maintenance of the common areas in our neighborhood through landscaping contracts, management expenses, and where necessary, legal fees to enforce the CC&R’s or collect fees charged for late payment of dues and/or fines for non-compliance issues. An amount is placed in reserve to pay for updates and maintenance, to repair common areas that are the HOA’s responsibility, and to update common area landscaping (see common area photos below).

Rock along Bio-swale, both sides of the Mail Boxes (Creekside)

Rock along Bio-Swale (Oakmont)

The Bio-swale (Creekside & Oakmont)

Grass & Bark (Clover Ridge)